An internet-enabled device is sufficient for the whole gaming experience (whether laptop, tablet or smartphone doesn’t matter). Pen and note will help you solve the puzzles.

In the current corona-period, we do not recommend meeting in person for playing. There are various ways to get together via video conference and video group chats these days. Some of the most straightforward and free options are Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger.

We recommend one user account per player. So every player can follow the story on his own device (laptop / tablet / smartphone) and work independently to solve the various puzzles.

Yes, a user account is required to enter our protected game area.

But don’t worry, we have simplified this process for you as best as possible: When you purchase a story, a user account will automatically be created (based on the email address that you’ve used for the purchase). The automatically generated password will be sent to you via email immediately after your purchase and can be changed to your needs within your account settings.

Please confirm your user account via the activation link that you’ve received via email.

Alternatively, you can also create a user account under the menu “My Account” before you actually purchase. In order to simplify this step significantly, we offer you the option of connecting to your Facebook or Google account in addition to the classic registration method.

Each volume (episode/part) of our stories is designed to take about 1-2 hours (depending on your experience). There is no time limit, you can stop the game whenever you want and continue playing at a later stage.

There are three ways to start the game:

1. After purchasing, you will automatically be redirected to your order overview. With a click on the red button of your choice (depending on your desired language) “Start” you can directly enter the game area.

2. You can also start the game at any time via the menu on our website “Game area” (if logged in).

3. After the purchase, you will receive an order confirmation via mail. In this confirmation, you can also go directly to the game area by clicking on “Start” and start the game there.

Examine all elements in the game area and pay attention to upper and lower case when entering the solution. Please always double-check your spam-folders during the online communication with us, for example via mail, messenger, etc.

If all pondering and tinkering don’t help, there are fold-out tips and solutions. You will find these outlined in blue at the end of each section. If nothing really works, our support is available to assist you from Monday to Friday. Please note: There is currently no live help available.

No, you acquire always an unlimited use of our stories with your purchase.

It’s easy!
Simply enter the email address of the person who should receive access during the checkout and complete the purchase by using a payment method of your choice.

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